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rights when engaging with law enforcement to five legal experts. public roadways that ensure pedestrian safety and the free flow of traffic.

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This card provides tips for interacting with police and understanding your rights. This information is not intended as legal dads-space.comad a printable version (in .

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Police officers in New York City must provide more information to members of the public they interact with, and get consent for many searches. The New York Police Department ordered 10 million business cards that officers must hand out to people they stop on the street.

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The Basics: The Bill of Rights: The bedrock of your rights in the face of the law. ACLU's guide to your rights and being stopped by the police.

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Driving in Michigan is a privilege, not a right. are a multitude of laws regulating public roadways that ensure pedestrian safety and the free flow of traffic. A: It is legal to openly record on-duty police officers in public spaces.

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Interactions with Law Enforcement Police can legally attend protests, planning meetings, etc. undercover. Is that something you can deal with right then? No.

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Find the latest breaking police news, video & opinion on PoliceOne, the leading resource for up-to-the-minute law enforcement information.