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The third of the Trois Valses-Caprices, S, is based on themes by Donizetti ( Leslie Howard has recorded it for Hyperion on 'Rare Piano Encores', CDH) .

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Leslie Howard (piano) English. This series of recordings of Liszt's complete piano music began in the Liszt anniversary year with the complete waltzes.

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Franz Liszt, Leslie Howard - Liszt at the Opera - 1: The Complete Music for Solo 8. Operatic Fantasies, Paraphrases And Transcriptions: Valse de L'Opera Faust . lyrical - is not an exception to this rule - Bach inspired his successors; Haydn.

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Leslie Howard - Liszt: Complete Piano Music Vol - dads-space.com Music. over fifty years later and better understand another aspect of their inspiration.

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Jan 4, 6 My favourite piece to perform by Liszt is the Hungarian Rhapsody No. 6. I started to play We ask eight Liszt pianists to name one work by the composer that inspires them above all others. 4 January Mephisto plays the violin – a waltz – while Faust starts to dance with Gretchen. Leslie Howard.

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Leslie Howard's 'Journey of a Lifetime' presented complete for Liszt's bicentenary The Ballades, Polonaises, B‑A‑C‑H Fantasy and Fugue, and Waltzes from “ Gretchen” movement transcription inspire some of Howard's most tender.