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To Whom It May Concern is a letter salutation used when you do not have a contact person. Here is when to use it, how to capitalize it, and alternatives.

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The best ways to start a letter, examples of the best greetings, what not Dear Hiring Manager; Dear Sir or Madam; To Whom It May Concern.

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Salutation. The salutation is an important part of a letter. The choice of the right To Whom It May Concern: Use only when you do not know to whom you must.

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Is it time to stop using To Whom It May Concern as a generic salutation in your emails and letters?.

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If you're using a formal greeting like “To Whom It May Concern,” it's Ask your HR rep or recruiter - If you're writing a cover letter or email to a.

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Find better alternatives to this generic cover letter greeting and boost your chances of impressing the hiring manager and landing a job.

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7 Ways to Address Your Cover Letter That Aren't "To Whom It May Concern" idea of working for this company, you'd surely take the time to tailor your greeting.

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The most common salutation in letters addressed to organizations is “to whom it may concern.” (I've never seen this used in this manner before, and found it.