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Jul 27, Hmm I thought I was going to order my invitations, til I got to this part. Linen Finish - $ -The subtle, pressed texture will add an elegant.

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Hi Bees! Just looking for some advice on what finish to order for our invitations! Pics of your vistaprint invites in either of the above finishes wou.

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Also if you want to write on the invitations, don't get glossy! I've only seen the matt and glossy finishes but linen sounds lovely. Saisi. Joined on.

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Aug 28, I'm creating a blog series called "Invitation Information" with all the to three distinctly different card stocks: uncoated, felt finish, and cotton.

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Mar 19, Has any one used the Vista Print linen finish for their invitations? If so, how did they turn out?.

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Get ideas on etiquette, invitations, themes, styles, or anything I thought the linen finish would be more luxurious/look cute with my floral invite.

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Finding just the right look for your business card isn't easy, but linen gives you the best of both worlds. The slightly coarse, patterned paper draws people's.