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We all know that smoking has terrible health repercussions, such as emphysema, lung cancer, and heart problems. These former athletes quit smoking to save.

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As weed continues to shift from “counterculture” to simply “culture,” there are plenty of big-ticket names that have become increasingly candid.

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Even if a professional athlete wanted to smoke, there is a high chance that their . but it is impossible to leave him off a list of smoking athletes.

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Competitive athletes in today's world are subjected to endless drug tests. It's understandable that the leagues would test their players for.

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Below is the case of the most prominent and famous athletes who have often toed the line between using cannabis while staying at the top of their game.

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There are some athletes that continue with their bad habits even during the Olympics. Here you'll find a list of the athletes that have been seen.

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Pro athletes are figured to be some of the healthiest humans in the world -- but even they aren't immune from nasty habits.

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This is not to say that athletes do not smoke, however. Kaarsten Braasch is most famous for competing in the “Battle of the Sexes,” which saw.

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So here's a reality check: Professional athletes smoke weed. speaking out, advocating for its legalization in the major professional leagues.

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See which professional athletes have toked as much as they've scored . Newton very deservedly claims a spot on any list of sports stoners.