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In case you want to keep using a feature phone then Nokia 4G may be a good option that has WhatsApp support in Indian and will get it.

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Here is a full list of all mobile phones on Nokia S40 operating system that will not support WhatsApp from now.

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Here is the full list of devices, which will no longer be supported by WhatsApp is going to ditch support for Nokia S40 mobile platforms after.

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Starting January 1, , WhatsApp is ending support for the Nokia S40 platform, leaving many users unable to use its services. Here is the list.

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As of the end of , the following phone models will no longer be supported by Whatsapp: BlackBerry, including BlackBerry Nokia S40 Nokia Symbian.

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WhatsApp has stopped working on the phones running the Nokia S40 operating system. To recall, WhatsApp announced the end of support for.

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WhatsApp stops support for bn phones, here's the full list of WhatsApp has previously prevented S40 devices from creating any new.

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Some phones running on S40 OS include Nokia single SIM, Nokia Smartphones running on these 7 operating systems will lose WhatsApp support Next on the list is another Blackberry OS, Blackberry

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Here is the full list of phones no longer supporting WhatsApp. WhatsApp has ended support for the Nokia S40 platform in , meaning.