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DOCTOR: It could be with us every second and we would never know. (We still hear a group of three sounds repeating in the background.).

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Doctor Who episode transcripts. DOCTOR: The Master is Prime Minister of Great Britain. .. (The woman in black is listening in to the call.).

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Doctor Who episode transcripts. (The sound of a train travelling along a track nearly. Doctor . DOCTOR: And listen, stick this in your ear.

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ADAM: I know it sounds incredible, but I honestly believe the whole (Van Statten runs the laser scan again, just to hear the Doctor scream.).

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Clarence and the Whispermen (The Name of the Doctor Prequel) The Sound of Drums · The Husbands of River Song (Christmas Special).

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Listening skills practice: A good night's sleep – transcript. Transcript for A Today we have Doctor Baker with us in the studio Turn the sound down low. Host.

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Audio recording, data transcription, data analysis, qualitative In the extract below, the doctor seeks clarification about Patient F's symptoms: of data through repeated careful listening (and/or watching), and this is an.