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where dey at doe news ancher dancing news anchor dancing to where. News AnchorWarmSouthernYoutubeFunny HumorIt's FunnyFunny StuffMemesLol.

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Lol: News Anchor Dances To "Where They At Doe?" (Video). Created by Denis Ustinyuk · Dec 18, · from YouTube · Denis Ustinyuk · Dec 18, ·

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C'mon now. Never in da history of. Nigga-dom. But nice try tho. Lol 24th, news anchor Dan Thorn uploaded a video of himself dancing to an.

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News anchor Dan Thorn went viral for posting videos of himself dancing In a series of YouTube videos, Thorn dances to T.I.'s “Where They At.

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West Virginia newscaster Dan Thorn became an unlikely dance sensation Watch This News Anchor Get Wild to T.I.'s 'Where They at Doe'.

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The hilarious part is that it goes on for way too long lol . someone explain why so many local news stations are hiring anchors that look straight out of high school? Why do they have a tablet AND a computer at their desk?.

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Dan Thorn, a news anchor for WVNS 59 in West Virginia, has recently his hilarious dancing to the popular song by rapper T.I. called “Where They At Doe? ringing in my head LOL Thanks @darr_n.

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Who says news anchor News Anchor Dances To T.I.'s 'Where They At Doe;' Co-Anchor Is Not Impressed. headshot. By Avery Stone.