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Typical doses ranged 70– mg per day, much higher than an indicated . Loperamide's use to “get high” was more commonly discussed in.

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“I did experience heart palpitations, but I continued using large doses while I was withdrawing, not so much to get high on it,” he said.

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Toxicology Rounds: Opioid Abusers Using Loperamide to Get High or Alleviate It is easy — and not very expensive — to acquire that much loperamide.

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Some people are using Imodium, a diarrhea-prevention medication, in high Since Imodium is an opiate, many people mistakenly assume that it will act as an .

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The difference with loperamide, in contrast to morphine, is it really By itself, diphenoxylate is classified as a Schedule II narcotic with high abuse potential diphenoxylate formulation is supposed to make the drug much less.

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The question of how much loperamide to take for opiate withdrawal is one that though, it can cross that barrier and can cause people to feel high, much like.