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K-Pop idols are the new global trendsetters, and you just have to wonder, what types of phones are they using?.

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In MV MAMA Luhan power is Telekinesis (using the mind to move / control objects). When EXO-M on Happy Camp they were playing with the phone software.

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Lu Han (born April 20, ) is a Chinese singer and actor. He was a member, known as Luhan, of the South Korean-Chinese boy . The term "Luhan effect" was used to describe his massive influence among fans. His endorsement ranges from local products such as Oppo mobile phones and Baidu interactive maps to.

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(p.s. no worries about the phone slipping, pcy always uses irings on the back) I wanna be a Samsung so he can use me. Samsung's new design looks so pretty and since I'm planning to buy a new phone, I might consider.

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Chinese Pop Culture Primer is a feature on the Beijinger that explains the Luhan's improper visa use has gotten him into hot water and she was talking on the phone in perfect english accent and that got my attention.

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