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This is a macaroni and cheese that's not too heavy and benefits mightily from the use of whole-wheat pasta and the addition of broccoli You can assemble it.

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And of course this recipe is also much better for you with only a few simple ingredients including whole-grain noodles. So go ahead and do the.

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Whole-wheat pasta gives this mac-and-cheese a heartier texture; smoked cheddar gives it more complex flavor. More Macaroni and Cheese Recipes.

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Macaroni and cheese is easier to make from scratch than you might think. Whole wheat pasta and flour gives this hearty macaroni and cheese a pleasant.

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I make this mac and cheese with whole wheat pasta for added fiber and nutrition. And it's completely homemade, rather than from a box.

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In all truthfulness, it really is the best whole wheat pasta I've ever tried This mac 'n cheese recipe was inspired by my favorite pizza recipe of.