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I found out there's actually a word for this, 'confabulation' I think. It means to make up, or put together stories. My mother-in-law used to do that.

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They might do things, such as making up a little story to fill the He might use vague phrases such as, 'Something has happened', or, . Public Article – ( Discover the difference between dementia & Alzheimer's disease; the.

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What happens during each stage of Alzheimer's disease? Alzheimer's disease Makes up stories to fill in gaps in memory. For example might.

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better understand if what my mom has been doing falls under a different form of dementia, or if this is something that more closely resembles alzheimers.

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Learn more about how to detect Alzheimer's disease and how to find your parents .. She tends to make up stories which has never happened.

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Read about five common Alzheimer's disease behaviors, including Within 5 minutes of waking up he has 20 things for me to do, and wants Either to start something to bleeding or getting naked or making up lies or stories.

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Ask family members of someone with Alzheimer's or another dementia: Trying to But they're enthusiastic about making up a life story for the water-skier for this kind of session, run by someone who's been trained to do it.

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Although memory loss often occurs with age, Alzheimer's disease goes . Telling the same story countless times to same person is worrisome.

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My mother was always telling stories loosely based on fact(s). For example, for And, they wanted me to explain what happened. Alzheimer's.

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What comes to mind is Brian Williams who had told stories about being In case you are wondering, I am not telling these stories to shame my.