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eBird range map for Toco Toucan. Generated from eBird observations (Year- Round, present). Explore more on eBird.

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Learn more about the toco toucan at Animal Fact Guide! Because toco toucans can live in a variety of habitats, they are not as Toco toucan range map.

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See how the Toco toucan makes use of its colorful bill. Learn why these birds are at Average life span in The Wild: Up to 20 years. Size: Body, 25 in; bill, in.

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The toco toucan (Ramphastos toco), also known as the common toucan, giant toucan or simply Toco toucan. Toco Toucan (Ramphastos toco) in Papaya Tree (Carica papaya) (). Conservation status. Least Concern (IUCN ).

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This map is based on occurrence records available through the GBIF network and may not represent the entire distribution.

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Click here for more information about the Red List categories and criteria. Justification of Red List category. This species has an extremely large range, and .