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Coordinates: 36°18′09″N 43°07′20″E / °N °E / ; in an attack on a dining hall at the Forward Operating Base next to the main U.S. military airfield at Mosul. The bomber entered the mess tent and approached a large group of U.S. soldiers, detonating himself and killing 22 people.

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The bombing, at Forward Operating Base Marez, was one of the most devastating single attacks on coalition forces to date in Iraq. Investigators learned that the suicide bomber “was believed to be wearing an Iraqi uniform,” Rodriguez said. In the last three months, the 10,

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I do not own this video. Posted primarily for informational purposes and not intended to promote violence or harm in any way.

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In Case You Missed It: Living with memories of Iraq attack. Five survivors talk about the bombing of a military dining hall on Dec. 21, , and.

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who was sleeping about a quarter-mile from the mess hall when he was attack on a dining facility during lunchtime on FOB Marez in Mosul.

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Details of Mosul mess hall bombing emerge The bombing, at Forward Operating Base Marez, was the deadliest single attack since the.

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U.S. Army Chaplain Eddie Barnett, far right, says a prayer with members of th EN BN after an apparent mortar attack on Forward Operating Base Marez near.

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An unidentified casualty is moved into an ambulance at the U.S. Airbase of Ramstein, southern Germany, Dec. 22, Some 50 patients, most of whom were.