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These celebrities are devoutly Christian — and you probably didn't realize it See the professional athletes who became real American heroes for their military .

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Hollywood and celebrity circles can often be places where Christian faith and viewpoints seem unwelcome, but that hasn't kept Christians out of the limelight.

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Comedian, actor and United States Marine Corps Reserve .. Occupations came and went, including social worker, religious editor for.

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1, Popular Actors Featured Actor the United States Marine Corps, after which he took some acting classes, discovered his gift, and became an extremely .

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Actor Sean Astin is seen prior to the start of the Marine Corps Historic Astin recently discussed his career, his faith and a Christian movie he.

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The following is a list of people who served in the United States Marine Corps and have gained .. The New York Times · Charles R. (Chuck) Swindoll — evangelical Christian pastor, radio preacher Larry D. Wilcox USMC , Sgt, Vietnam, I Corps, actor, CHIPS TV Series, NBC, Producer, The Ray Bradbury Theater.