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MATLAB is an abbreviation for "matrix laboratory." While other programming languages mostly work with numbers one at a time, MATLABĀ® is designed to.

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Find, reuse, and learn from MATLAB code. Resources include code examples from product engineers, the user community, and MATLAB thought leaders.

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I am not skilled in using matlab, I am PhD and I asked a code from an author he sent it to me, but I do not know how to run it and to try to find the results in his.

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Error Code: MEDIA_ERR_SRC_NOT_SUPPORTED Get started learning to code with MATLAB.

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MATLAB Code Examples. Standalone Examples. A standalone example is a readable version of a MATLABĀ® script or live script that shows how to accomplish a.

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Learn to Code with MATLAB is an online, interactive tutorial that teaches students in primary and secondary schools the basics of programming using MATLAB.