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Once the medlar has been bletted it can be eaten raw, but it is an acquired taste. Mix its pulp with sugar and cream or eat plain, accompanied by port. Medlar.

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What you definitely don't get is a lot to eat from each medlar (they contain several, fairly chunky stones – "pips" just doesn't paint the right.

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Add to this the fact that you can't pick a medlar and eat it ripe from the tree, as you would an apple. It's inedible unless bletted – a process of.

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Following the winter months when we have enjoyed eating apples, pear and citrus fruits, the first fruit variety announcing the arrival of spring.

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You can eat Medlars out of hand, or make a thick sauce out of them which you then pour into a pie shell and bake. You don't eat the skin: peel the stem end and .

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A perfect small garden tree with fruit best eaten once it's gone rotten. a dish of beautiful bletted (more on that later) medlars for Christmas.

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but turn your medlars into jelly, says Nigel Slater, and cold meat will never taste A bronze-coloured preserve for eating with cold roast meat.

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Mespilus germanica, known as the medlar or common medlar, is a large shrub or small tree, and the name of the fruit of this tree. The fruit has been cultivated since Roman times, and is unusual in being available in winter, and in being eaten when bletted. It is eaten raw and in a range of dishes.

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The traditional way to eat the fruit is to squeeze your openarse Because the medlar was generally eaten in this way, recipes don't tend to.

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This leads to reason #2, because medlars have to be eaten when bletted, they either have to be eaten right off the tree, or they have to be.