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Dear Patches,. By the time you read this, the habs will be dead. This is how I think it's gonna happen: the habs will start a rumor i'm on the trading block, then.

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Diamond is Unbreakable AU where everything is exactly the same except whenever Bites the Dust activates “mmm whatcha say” plays in the background.

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I'm envisioning Caesar hearing “mmm whatcha say” restarting 23 times before he dies for good. Say momders. Two memes for the price of one.

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Dear Sister” Parodies, sometimes referred to as “MMM Whatcha Say,” are a series of Origin. The season two finale of The OC, titled "The Dearly Beloved," first.

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Voted 's #1 blog for meme analysis. The history of the “mmm whatcha say/ Dear Sister” meme is weirdly fascinating because it wasn't.

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Jan 10, SNL MEME MMM WHATCHA SAY DEAR SISTER Sticker. Me Too Meme, Lock Screens, Wallpaper Quotes, Phone Wallpapers, Vines.

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Explore Katie Simpson's board "mmm whatcha say" on Pinterest. | See more ideas about 17 Ancient History Tumblr Posts That Are Actually Hilarious . rip pearl Steven Universe Background, Steven Universe Memes, Lil Baby, Universe Art.

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Explore Allison Walther's board "mmm whatcha say" on Pinterest. your European standards of beauty are just irrelevant Grl Pwr, Feminism Tumblr, Objectification Of .. The complete history of the 'Mmm Whatcha Say' meme . rip pearl Steven Universe Background, Steven Universe Gif, Universe Art, Lapidot, Storyboard.