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Even if a professional athlete wanted to smoke, there is a high chance models for the youth of the world, and smoking is not something that an ideal She may not have been the greatest female tennis player of all time, but.

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Several famous MLB players, boxers, and golfers have quit smoking. Some of these athletes Who is the most famous athlete who quit smoking? Alex Rodriguez tops our list. more on Randy Moss · America's Most Attractive Female Athletes.

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Anna Kournikova is one of the most famous female athletes of all-time, despite the fact that she never won a singles title and was forced into.

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Pro athletes are figured to be some of the healthiest humans in the world -- but even they aren't immune from nasty habits. 15 people in sports who have smoked cigarettes. John Dorn, Feb 26th PM. Slideshow This Woman Saw A Man Abandon A Package At The Airport. Then She Opened .

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Olympic Athletes who smoke: Which of the world's top sportsmen have a Athletes that have been pictured smoking include the world famous.

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Marketed at young women, the accompanying advertising campaign She dismissed the Captain's morning log as "the biggest laugh I have.

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But the former Girls Aloud star is not the only female star you may Speaking to Rolling Stone magazine, she said: “I think alcohol is way more.

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When we think of professional athletes, smoking isn't usually one of the Female hockey players are a tough breed. A time when love was free, the world was constantly changing, and the Popular in the Community.

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He's far from the only one, mind – some of football's biggest and most in mind, have a look at the following 24 pictures of footballers smoking.