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Camouflage Stencils are Perfect for use on Firearms, Airsoft & Paintball Weapons , Tumbler Cups, Multicam Camouflage Stencil for Cerakote and DuraCoat.

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questions about how I paint my Multicam-esque pattern on my rifles, Then, apply the stencil to the rifle, making sure to put it down nice and.

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Have you ever wanted to paint your AR, but didn't know how? This instructable can help. This is how I used spray paint to create a MultiCam camouflage.

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These are flexible stencils. Acid Tactical stencils can be used with Airbrush, Can aerosol paints, Oils, & Water based paints. 3 - stencils in three different designs.

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How to paint Multicam. You can buy Landscape Camouflage Stencils here.

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7x11" stencil made from Avery high heat vinyl. This is the best vinyl on the market for stenciling with or without high heat applications. This vinyl is a one time use.

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Multicam Camo Stencil, made from high heat vinyl and used for Cerakote, Duracoat, powder coat, and spray paint.