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which greek speaking people dominated the aegean world from about BC to BC and probably started the the mycenaean people were primarily.

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Which Greek-speaking people dominated the Aegean world from about B.C. to B.C., The Mycenaean people were primarily (what occupation)?.

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Mycenaean Greece (or the Mycenaean civilization) was the last phase of the Bronze Age in . Among the Mycenaean elite, deceased men were usually laid to rest in gold masks and funerary armor, and women in gold crowns .. Under him was the lāwāgetas ("the leader of the people"), whose role appears mainly religious.

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The Mycenaean people were primarily A. sea traders. B. shepherds. C. artisans. D. farmers. Ask for details; Follow; Report. by OGBUTTERFLY.

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This was basically the reality of life in the Mycenaean civilization. Instead, their jobs depended on their class in the hierarchy. A wanax, or Some Mycenaean men were hequetai, warriors who were the soldiers and army of the civilizations.

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The Mycenaeans were the first Greek civilization, and were a strictly hierarchical, and mostly male-dominated society. Read more about the.

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The Mycenaean economy and trade depended mostly on agriculture, raising and gathering produce from crops and livestock. Because agriculture was so.

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The sheep were raised mainly for their wool, and adult, castrated, male sheep, of such flocks of sheep suggests a group of people independent of the palace. occupations listed in the tablets included only those that directly concerned the.

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The iconographic representations of the Mycenaean period reveal that, The athletic games were organized during the religious ceremonies and were This information is drawn mainly from the frescoes, pottery and seal representations. races and hunting wich was the favourite occupation of the kings and nobles and.

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The name "Mycenaean" refers to the city of Mycenae, which was excavated by This was mostly a mythical theory which the Greeks came up with. the "sea people" were not a united people; they were from many different places. to pre- date Mycenaean occupation of the Greek peninsula or the Peloponnese, but no.