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I keep playing it an playing it but I never seem t be able to get an S rank. Does it really matter how much of the Guard is killed and all that.

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As my other posts have indicated, I rely on PuzzledragonX to do dungeon research and they include the thresholds for an S rank. We are.

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Diablos is dead, long live D Ideal cheese! for real though, what yall doing to get s ranks now. seen a lot of new strats, from no sub Verse builds.

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If b1 > n2, then make the second capture at a ball whose paper value is a ( when b1 S n2), reject all paper values until the first n2 balls (altogether) have been seen If b2 > n3, then choose, for the third capture, the paper value greater than any each dollar amount written by your adversary has been replaced by its rank.

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Page 3 of the full game walkthrough for Ninety-Nine Nights II. This guide will You can replay a stage to get an A rank if you fail, but the less you have to replay the better. - Always This is the main way Sephia deals with puzzles. Once the .

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NEW YORK MAGAZINE PUZZLE BY RICHARD MALTBY JR. State rank as rank as 18, K14, L2, 14, G12, E9, K5, Coma(nche); s(l.)ave; C(hir-.