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Beeswax Sheets for rolling candles. % Pure Canadian Beeswax! The oils from natural beeswax form a white 'bloom' which can easily be removed by.

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Make your own elegant, hand-rolled candles with these sheets made just for candle makers like you! These pure beeswax candles with bee cell imprints allow .

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Due to cold weather conditions, beeswax sheets are shipped at your own risk the If you purchase a candle that is labeled as "pure beeswax", and it doesn't.

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products offers beeswax sheets candles products. Wholesale % Pure Beeswax All Natural Bees Wax for Candle Foundation Sheet.

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Download Catalogue. Home┬╗ Candlemaking┬╗ Candle Sheets. Candle Sheets. To see a short video showing how to roll a beeswax candle see below.

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% Honeycomb Beeswax Sheets - BULK, wax, beeswax, candles, candle making. 1/0 square raw or waxed wick recommended for making rolled honeycomb beeswax candles. TUTORIAL: How to Roll Light Natural color. P

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Rolled Beeswax Sheets for Candle Making. our 1/0 square raw or waxed wick for making rolled honeycomb beeswax candles. Light Natural color.