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My installation of Office Professional, which installed with no hiccups on Win7, gets stuck during the installation process in Win From the.

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I have a brand new HP pavilion HPE (model hUK) I7-core, 6Gb ram, 2Tb hard-drive etc. The first thing I did was to install all the Windows.

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Microsoft Office getting stuck during installation is not a very common issue, however, getting stuck at a particular stage without any error.

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If you're trying to install Office on a Mac, follow the steps in Uninstall Office for Mac, If your Office installation hangs or freezes at the 90% mark as shown in the.

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Office installation stalls or freezes at the end. Disable Print SPooler from: Start > run > > look for Print spooler > Right Click.

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I bought Office Home and Student and I can not get it to install on my Im not getting any error message, it just hangs for hours at either.

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You are desperately trying to install Office and it gets stuck. Microsoft Office installation hang is one of the most frustrating things that can happen.

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I purchased a new PC and a new Office Home and Business pack. Office pack but it freezes up after only a few minutes of checking and.

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I preformed a system restore on it and everything was going well until while i was gone it died during a installation of office i plugged it in.

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I'm trying to install Office from my cd, but when I use the playonlinux script and the installation opens I can't type in the product key.