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Jan 28, Every time addictive traffic dodger Crossy Road is updated, it receives a handful of secret characters for you to unlock. From the Loch Ness.

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Jul 18, For such a simple game, Crossy Road has a massive range of secret characters for you to unlock, each with their own unique criteria. Some are.

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How to Unlock Secret Crossy Road Characters. The popular Crossy Road mobile gaming app has many hidden characters you cannot buy from the app or win.

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Oct 17, A complete Guide on How to UNLOCK all SECRET CHARACTERS in Crossy Road.

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Feb 3, This guide will explicitly cover the different characters in Crossy Road, and how to unlock those that have special requirements. We will update.

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Nov 8, Crossy Road is the high-score chaser with more to do then just chase high scores. There's a boatload of characters to unlock, some require.

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Apr 23, Find all Disney Crossy Road Secret Characters Unlock conditions. All Character Sets for hidden characters, tips & tricks, how to guides and.

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Mascots are the playable characters in Crossy Road. Most mascots can be unlocked through the Prize Machine or purchased through IAPs (In-App.