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"Samaritan Snare" is the 17th episode of the second season of the American science fiction The crew must deal with a Pakled starship, which kidnaps Chief Engineer Worf receives a message from the Starbase that Picard is close to death. Appliances were created for their cheeks, foreheads and the tip of the actor's.

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The Enterprise is more than happy to help out but the Pakled are not as Captain Jean-Luc Picard: [to his crew] Any rumors of my brush with death are greatly.

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GREBNEDLOG [on viewscreen]: We are Pakleds. Our ship . Well, if we'd not been so near to a medical facility, I would surely have died. PICARD: Why do I get the distinct impression you're acting like some kind of escort?.

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also, hard to believe the pakled captain was the same actor who played the klingon captain in a matter . Picard would have died before Pulaski ever got there.

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I want her to know she is a slave, and was never anything but a slave, until she dies a slave's death.” The Pakled didn't seem very interested. “Okay” was all he.

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To help expedite the process, Riker beams Geordi aboard the Pakled vessel. indicating that complications in Picard's heart surgery have left him near death.