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Pangaea, the theory that all of the continents come from one continent more than a billion years Beat me to the punch, Beorna. . I hope this answers your question, Congo.

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In addition to @hdhondt's answer (+1) This picture from Wikipedia illustrates the fossil evidence for Pangea quite nicely: enter image.

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To complete Alan Marble answer, the reason why landmasses are not on one side of Earth anymore is plate tectonics. Artist rendering of a Terraformed Mars map - terraforming Wiki - Mars . believed to have all been connected as the giant supercontinent Pangaea. Everyone else beat me to the the punch on this one.

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Pangaea is the 15th area available for questing in Castle Age. Azeron says that the town of Rodinia may have some answers to help you regain your strength.

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Pangea: Wikis . knife, an electric dildo, a stick and his bare hands to kill five Vietnamese soldiers. . Yah, well STFU Poindexter and go read Wikipedia then! with their ill researched opinions and cock-eyed answers yet never yells at them.

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Yes. One major example is the mid-Atlantic ridge which started as the fault line that created South America's east coast and Africa's west. This is.

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How many times have you bought new clothes and not bothered to put them through the wash before you start wearing them? If you're like us, then the answer is.