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In order to understand the psychology behind it, it's very important first to understand what is self concept. Because I am a psychology apprentice, this will be a.

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The easily offended are, self-explanatorily, people who are easily offended. They are commonly classed as such due to how easy it is for them to get into too.

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It seems that people are getting offended more easily. Another example: People seem ever more likely to take offense at being criticized.

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"People seem to get offended more easily these days, why is that?" Is it true that people are more easily offended? Is it political correctness.

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People who are too easily offended are seldom happy and seldom considered happy by others. Some may feel they'll never be happy for reasons that seem.

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The latter are, dare we say, offended by people who get offended. she would associate the modern-day easily offended with neuroticism.

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moody. adjective. likely to become unhappy or angry for no particular reason adjective. easily upset or offended by what other people say about you.

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So someone got offended with your words now what? Should you immediately apologise? Or do you just ignore them? It can even get ironic.