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I know this may sound dumb but, did people smell horrible back then everyone probably smelled bad so it was just normal to smell bad so no.

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Ever wonder if what you smell is what everyone else smells? Hold up a blue t- shirt and ask people what color it is, and you'll probably always get the . smoking when it smells so bad? who wants that around all the time?.

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I'm no expert, but considering how family X's home probably smells different than family Y's home due to a ton of different factors (laundry detergent, body wash.

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This will probably smell a little bad no matter what—unless you just used a tongue scraper and Coffee is also easy to access for most people.

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We marvel at such a skill, but anyone with working olfactory senses could probably learn to recognize various “sick smells.” Humans are very.

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I suppose the point here is that next time someone tells you that you reek, stink, or smell, you should probably take comfort in the fact that it's not.

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That's because smells (which contribute heavily to what we commonly call and unless your name is Robert Parker, you're probably going to come up short. the notion that all people are equally bad at describing smells.