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The long neck, long tail and white underparts of the male produce the Pintails are a prairie species and Wisconsin is at the southeastern.

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Although there are Wisconsin breeding records for Northern Pintail (Robbins , to , but remained 18% below their long-term average (USFWS ).

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I've seen a couple the last few years in my areas and had a buddy each of the last 2 seasons shoot one. I know guys who hunt quite close to.

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who were primary contacts for information included in the “Status of Geese .. Northern pintail breeding population estimates for regions in the.

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Schorger (b) described their arrival thus: "The sight of a flock of Pintails The long neck, long tail and white underparts of the male produce the mirage of a .

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Northern Pintail (Anas acuta) information from the Natural Heritage Conservation Program.

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Airduk Pintails. Published March 12, at × in General Fibre Company Airduk Pintail Decoys. Trackbacks are closed, but you can post a comment.

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Distribution of the Northern Pintail in North America. This species also Ohio, e. Michigan, and central Wisconsin, and on the n. .. Age/Sex Class Differences.