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Pushkar navamsa and Pushkar bhaga are one of the topics which are not covered much In modern astrological era only late C.S Patel has given some information on them. . D9's Pluto and Mars fall in PN's in 12th house.

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Pushkara Navamsha Push means to boost / nourish and Kara means who does or what causes. Pushkara is a special energy that nourishes. Navamsha is the.

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(3) Mars - desire to learn astrology; encouragement; indicates reasons for rise and fall (It may be noted that Pushkara Navamsa is equated with Vargollama).

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From the book of C. S. Patel “Navamsa in Astrology” Chapter 3: in the rasi chart or the said navamsa is fortified by benefics in the navamsa chart, .. Two or more planets occupying Pushkar Navamsa make the native fortunate, wealth and.

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PUSHKAR NAVAMSA. Planets posited in Pushkar Navmasa are considered benefic as they are No Pushkar Navmasa falls in the rashi of Sun, Mars and Saturn in D9 Navmasa horoscope. Pluto, 22° Capricorn 13' 20".

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Archive for the 'Vedic Astrology for Astrologers' Category motion (Atomic theory ) occurred with Pluto's ingress into the sign of Gemini in . Planets in Pushkara Navamsa are highly beneficial and strong, in the opinion.