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I've been trying to install the mod quarry plus, I've tried a ton of different versions and i cant get it to work. I have also changed the block.

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QuarryPlus Mod is an addon for Buildcraft Mod. This mod adds QuarryPlus and MarkerPlus and more. This mod will allow you to.

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I believe the speed is logarithmic, so each time you double the power, the speed increases by a set amount. Therefore, there is no max power.

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alright so im powering it with a tesseract and its located in an ocean biome its also a x quarry plus and it doesnt have any enchants.

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Dear Tech Support. I need some help/hint. I am playing with Tech World 2. I have tried to insert quarry plus to the modpack. I have downloaded.

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Hey guys and girls Smile I have a problem with the quarry Plus, it doesn't seem to connect to any of the power cables or other power stuff (and.