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Translate "que pasa, mi amigo". See 3 authoritative translations of "que pasa, mi amigo" in English with audio pronunciations.

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Translate "que pasa, amigo. See 4 authoritative translations of "que pasa, amigo in English with audio pronunciations.

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A phrase meaning what's up or how's it going in Spanish. Often used as a casual greeting between two or more friends. see also: ca va, how's it going and.

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Contextual translation of "que pasa mi amigo" into English. Human translations with examples: hai, penis, my buddy, my lover, mi amigo, my friend, to my friend.

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Translation of amigo | son/se hicieron muy amigos.

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Qué is the equivalent to the interrogative pronoun “what” and tal is a bit less clear , As an adjective, tal retains somewhat its original meaning in Spanish.