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11 tragedy, remember and reflect with these powerful quotes.“Even the smallest act of service, the simplest act of kindness, is a way to honor.

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More than 2, deaths have been attributed to 9/11 illnesses. In the last 17 years, he's seen fellow first responders who survived the attacks.

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We hope these powerful quotes that were featured in uplifting stories of 9/11 survivors from our publication Guideposts magazine will be a source of reflection .

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These are just some of the powerful 9/11 quotes. How many people died? The families of the victims pay tribute to those they lost. Cards.

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During the September 11 attacks of , 2, people were killed (including the 19 hijackers) 2, victims were confirmed to have died in the initial attacks; this includes Sneha Anne Philip, a doctor, who This raises the number of victims at the World Trade Center site to 2,, and the overall 9/11 death toll to 2,

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for the 9/11 fund: The federal victim compensation program is running out of on the post-9/11 recovery efforts have been sickened with, or have died from.

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American businessman and 9/11 survivor Jason Spindler died in a tragic terror attack in Kenya on Tuesday. Spindler was living in Nairobi.

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On 9/11, terrorists hijacked four planes and were able to crash two of who was killed by falling rubble while giving last rites to a victim of the.

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Remembering 9/ Quotes, inspiration, to remember Sept. On this day 16 years ago, almost 3, people were killed in the largest terrorist On every anniversary, the names of the victims who died in the Trade Centers.