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Due to Maexxna's hero ability I also wanted cheap cards with Battlecry to either should give you a relatively easy win, even if you don't draw Ragnaros or Alex.

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This deck can be used to easily defeat Heroic-mode Ragnaros/Executus in Blackrock Mountain. It is very cheap, It relies mostly on Priest cards.

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Finish off with Ragnaros (or heavy common charge card). I was able to win with full 30 health on my hero. I hope this helps you all out.

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I have cleared the whole thing on heroic using only basic cards but naxx I wondered is there a deck that can beat all 15 heroic bosses. 1x Ragnaros . for all heroic naxx: an aggro deck (specially made for Maexxna and.

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1x ragnaros the firelord. Just abuse Took me attempts to beat it. Skrofler 6 dads-space.com

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If you kill Executus as fast as you can, you're in trouble. Ragnaros is far more overpowered than any other boss in Hearthstone Heroic ever.

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I beat Heroic KT on my first try with my standard zoo. . deck - http://www. dads-space.com

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3: If you can burst him into Ragnaros form, you should probably do it. To beat the heroic one i used a spinoff of the Shaman hyper death.

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Learn how to defeat Maexxna in both Normal and Heroic modes in the Curse of Naxxramas.

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The objective of the Dungeon Run is to defeat eight bosses of increasing difficulty to win the run. If the player . Embers of Ragnaros().png ยท Wondrous.