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Thread: Intermittent low idle - stalling - when warm 92 RR Classic (retired waiting resto) 95 RR Classic (sold) Range Rover LSE.

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Hi, I've posted this in a local northwest4x4 forum as well, but thought I'd see if you guys could possibly help me out too.

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When engine is warm ONLY, the idle on Park, or Neutral is ok and smooth. range and should, in theory, stop the engine stalling if the stepper motor closes .. that tends to be a more classic symptom of a bad stepper motor.

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Range Rover Classic > 94RR L stalls when hot and wont restart my 94 RR runs a little rough when warm then stalls,and cannot be.

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Discovery II - Stalling and dies when hot! - My 95' Disco stalls, loose power and then cuts off on the streets or highway. I might get a little far or got some miles.

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Classic: Range dads-space.com, lose power and dads-space.com . He states "My 89 would stall and be hard to start all the time before complete warm up.

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Thread: P38 Engine dies but restarts later It appears that when the coils are shot, they cut out when they get hot. does the P38 die if the MAF packs up or is unplugged? i know the Godzilla - Range Rover HSE.

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miles later, when it is warmed up, starts to stumble when waiting at lights, roll into service station and it stalls out in front of the pumps. Restart and get into a Local Rover enthusiast (thanks very much Paul!:p .. Share: Link. Forums · DiscoWeb Technical Boards · Range Rover - Technical Discussions.