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The Red Howler harmonica mic from Digital Reference is a dynamic microphone with Professional harmonica microphone for use with amps; Rich, warm tone.

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it is on sale and is red. reference-red-howler-harmonica-mic Custom Harmonicas.

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The Digital Reference DRHM1 Red Howler is a modern take on the classic harmonica microphone with a convenient, bottom-mounted volume control.

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Okay, on this forum, all product/service related communication I think I like the sound of the Red Howler the best. I have a solid state Peavey Studio Pro 40 and an ElectroHarmonix 44 Magnum class D solid state amp. My favorite mic for amplified harp is a Shure AV, though I like my Astatic Brown.

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I finally bought a harmonica mic because someone I know uses one, and I want to do something with him in a song. I bought the Red Howler.

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"The tiny bullet harmonica mic with the great big tone" They are from pros like Billy Branch, Adam Gussow, Mickey Raphael, JJ Milteau- and all levels of player from beginner to pro. I have a Superlux DC (same as the Red Howler) and a Bulletini. --"MindTheGap" on Modern Bues Harmonica Forum 4/3/

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See reviews and prices for the Red Howler Harmonica Microphone, who is using it, how they are using it, and what they are saying about it on Equipboard.

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Digital Reference Red Howler Harmonica Mic . DPA Microphones Debuts Shiny Facelift For d:facto Vocal Mic Professional Audio, Namm Show ยท Professional.

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Dirty-South Blues Harp Forum: For blues harmonica players, students, and fans. Harmonica . Digital Reference Red Howler Harmonica Mic. Harmonica Mic.