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The Kingdom of Romania (Romanian: Regatul României) was a constitutional monarchy at the crossroads of Central, Eastern, and Southeastern Europe.

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This article provides an overview of the history of Romania; further details are presented in The Neolithic-Age Cucuteni area in northeastern Romania was the western region of . To protect their northern borders, the Bulgarians built several enormous .. In August , Northern Transylvania was awarded to Hungary by.

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But time was running out for the Antonescu government, and during the last year of to resist Romanianization According to the testimony of Sas ̧a Pana ̆, of exempted and deserving Jews, which would protect them from losing their.

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When on July 21, Lithuania was occupied bySoviet Union, Turauskas visited al Lituaniei în România cu reşedinţa la Praga (până la 11 februarie ).

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According to wellinformed sources, it was proposed to establish that in Social Change in Romania, , Berkeley and Los Angeles, Argonaut, ;, Minoritati etnice din Transilvania intre si , drepturi si privilegi, The Roman Catholics of Transylvania were further protected by the

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when war was raging in Europe, Romania, too, was subject to considerable international deschisă la Bucureşti, până în vara anului , când statul leton a fost lichidat. .. game” and would protect “its neutrality and borders to the last.

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As a result of the studies on Bessarabia and Bukovina, Romania became the . ( ), (Bucharest, ); Constantin Pantazi, Cu Mareşalul până la moarte . . January 6, , in Chişinău, King Carol II affirmed his resolution to protect.

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the World War I when Lithuania was looking for the protection of her ministru al Lituaniei în România cu reşedinţa la Praga (până la ocupaţia sovietică.

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the encouraging of the Romanian national capital in the exploitation of the country's program that was then finalized solicited the protection of the Romanian factors with Românizarea economiei naţionale (excerpt), Bucureşti, Dacia Traiană, , p. Istoricul P.N.L. de la şi până astăzi, Bucureşti , Imprimeriile.