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Rose O'Neal Greenhow: Rose O'Neal Greenhow, Confederate spy whose Rose O'Neal married the prominent physician and historian Robert Quick Facts .

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Rose O'Neal Greenhow Papers, Letter to Jefferson Davis, July 16, Original in the Jefferson Davis Papers, Special Collections Library, Duke University.

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Rose O'Neal Greenhow ( or – October 1, ) was a renowned Confederate spy . officers, courier Betty Duvall, and her dentist, Aaron Van Camp, as well as his son who was also a Confederate soldier, Eugene B. Van Camp.

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Memorial for Rose O'Neal Greenhow at - "Wild Rose", as she was she married year-old Dr. Robert Greenhow, a Virginian, who was both With the help of George Donellan, a former Interior Department clerk, Greenhow sent.

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Rose O'Neal Greenhow was born in Montgomery County, Maryland in says Tyler Anbinder, associate professor of history at George Washington University. Despite the fact that she was being watched, and well knew it, Greenhow.

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Newspaper clipping reporting Rose O'Neal Greenhow's spy activities and subsequent into the house—so many, in fact, that it was nicknamed Fort Greenhow.

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Without the shadowy help of Rose O'Neal Greenhow, the Confederacy would have In fact, she frequently visited the White House as the guest of President James George B. McClellan's staff; clerks in the Navy Department, the Adjutant .