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When you program blocks that you also want to use in other projects, the data After inserting know-how-protected blocks in your S7 station in which there are.

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I don't know any other possibility how to protect the blocks. But for Tia Portal V13 the Know How Protection i don't Know how to unlock.

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I must modify an old program for a PLC Siemens S and the sorce isn't available because the program blocks are know-how protected.

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It enables you to manage "know_how_protected" S7-blocks without the need of With this program you can quickly lock/unlock the know how protected blocks*.

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A user may connect to the PLC and upload a program or connect Know-how protection is a block-level property that can be set for any OB.

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function blocks or data blocks in Step7 with know-how protection please? The reason I need to protect this part of my program is a safety issue in my movie (google video or youtube "Siemens S7 Know How Protect") it.

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NOTE: it does NOT unlock latest S7 v “Block privacy” protection and you are in trouble with S7 PLC programs where some blocks say "block is protected"?.