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If you can find one of those “safe” positions in a growing sector, you'll have two On a macroeconomic level, the toxic assets coming out of investment banks.

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These Jobs Are Safest If a Recession Hits: Report the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis' Economic Data division (FRED) sheds light on what.

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Do recession proof jobs exist? Here's a list of the best careers & jobs that are not easily influenced by an economic downturn, and how much you can make.

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Careers site Glassdoor recently identified 11 jobs that historically have more security during a recession.

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Is your job safe from a recession? Click through to see the fastest-growing occupations that might help shield you from the next recession.

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More than 8 million jobs were lost in the last recession. compiled a list of the jobs that will be safest from cuts during the next downturn.