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How to get multiple Lines in a TO created in LT01 with mvt type Hi, How I can get it done with only one TO with multiple Line Items?.

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SAP lt01 multiple items Tcodes(Transaction Codes). Automatic generation of POs tcode - ME59N, Order Items Due for Delivery tcode - VL10C, Complete list of Tcodes for lt01 multiple items. VK15, Create Condition, SD - Conditions.

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Since I can't create more than one line item using LT01, First I have created TR Objet: [sap-r3-log-wm] Manual TO creation with multiple line items from TR Hi.

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Multiple Line Items With Different Materials Under the Same Transfer Order. 6 That will be a mass entry function (LSMW etc) with LT SAP.

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Transfer order can be confirmed either at the header level or item with or without differences. Multiple item confirmations in a Transfer order. received around 85 in good condition and rest in damaged condition, In this scenario, How to transfer Stock between Two Storage bins using LT01 under same.

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SAP WM (Warehouse Management) help discussion forums, one can learn, ask questions related to their Automatic Transfer Order for Production order Goods Receipt Transaction LP21 Split Transfer Requirement Into Multiple Transfer Orders Automatic Posting Config in MM On the Condition of Asset Acquisition.

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SAP TRANSACTI ON CODES Frequently Used T-Codes Ar s h a d Kh a n “SAP” is 13 SAP TRANSACTION CODES T-Code Description AKE3 Display Condition of Goods Movements IW40 Order List (Multi-Level): Selection of Orders IW41 .. Descriptions DP90 Resource-Related Billing Request LT01 Create Transfer.