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LS - 1st and 2nd Gen () - Transmission groan/whine. Strainer clean. - Hey all. I have a 96 LS w/k mi and since taking ownership I have It is very easy to hear when cold, sounds like an old Ford PS pump.

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I had two whining noises on my '95 LS It was rather easy to find the culprit using a mechanic's stethoscope. A high-pitched squealing noise.

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A week ago my SC 99 AUTO transmission stopped working. start moving a little when its still cold but after it warms up the engine just revs up and the car doesnt move. .. SC K - noise from front engine area when idling.

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My boat which has new engine and transmission has started making rattling, noise before it warms fine first couple of months,but.

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I bought his used transmission from him and had the shop that my car They said that the old torque converter blew and the filter was clogged (the whirring noise was the tranny starving for fluid). park to drive; it was only about secs and the car was really cold. Shift Override Lock Lexus Sc

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Combined with the four-speed electronic automatic transmission, the .. and a large crack in between the center air vents, common SC problems. .. to accident while at dealership another story for a cold, wintry night with.

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Learn About Your Car Problems knocking noise when starting car, mostly in the morning or when car is cold. Like this Brief rattling engine noise while cold.

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Lexus GX Loud Vacuum Cleaner Noise on Cold Start - 6 reports. Learn about this problem, Learn About Your Car Problems. Search For a Specific Car.

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If your car is showing signs of transmission problems, learn how to listen for transmission noises to catch problems earlier and how to prevent.