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The Boeing Air Show during Seattle Seafair Weekend is a must see for all families and Blue Angels Seafair practice and show schedule*.

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After weeks of dozens (and dozens!) of Seafair events, it all comes down to this: the official Seafair Weekend featuring the Boeing Air Show and.

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Answer 1 of 5: We'll be in Seattle during SeaFair (Aug ), but Sat Aug 7 is our only it might be fun if we could catch a glimpse of the Blue Angels along the way.

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Seafair is this weekend, bringing the Blue Angels back to Puget Sound to perform in the Boeing Seafair Air Show. Here's where to watch from.

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Seafair brought high-flying action to the air and the water. WATCH: Blue Angels soar over Seattle on Seafair Sunday. WATCH:

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WATCH: Blue Angels prepare for Seafair. WATCH: Blue Angels arrive in Seattle. WATCH: Fat Albert rejoins the Blue Angels air show.

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Boeing Air Show featuring the Blue Angels; Albert Lee Appliance Cup featuring Sunday August 5th at 10AM tune in to AM , or FM HD-2, live stream.

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It's Seafair time. And, if you are hoping to get in on viewing the Blue Angels we've got some tips on the best places to cach the show.

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There is nothing wrong with the shore of Genesee Park/Lake Washington. It has the additional benefit of the Blue Angels pilots and crews being available for.