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For Foucault, as for Roland Barthes (), the notion of the author must come into question. Although Foucault was not a literary theorist.

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Foucault starts off this essay, "What is an Author?," by discussing criticisms of a previous book, The Order of Things In this book Foucault had started an.

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In this essay, Foucault distinguishes between authors and the actual individuals who write. He begins by addressing criticisms of his previous.

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If nothing else, its implicit critique of Barthes' "Death of the Author" leads recalling James's words, on whom nothing is lost) to Foucault's "What Is an Author?.

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Selected Essays and Interviews Michel Foucault Donald F. Bouchard To this day, the "author" remains an open question both with respect to its general.

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Author: Bengtsson, Christina; Bagger, Cathrine Ris on three theorists from the constructivist tradition: Nietzsche, Foucault and Townley.

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Michel Foucault's Historical Problematization Analysis. 3. The 'Thing' in the Body and the . thought to be in balance when the organism was healthy, the author of . Problems XXX, 1 ledelse og selvledelse. Afslutningsvis.

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DKK from FKK and FSE to support the journal Foucault Studies Author of fourteen books in these and related areas. . Kristian Gylling / Trivsel , produktivitet og selvledelse: Et studie af selvledelses betydning for trivsel og.

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Les Aveux Review Foucault Studies dads-space.come. by Sverre Raffnsøe. With Histoire de la .. Forpligtelse på selvledelse: Mellem frihed og forbandelsemore. by Sverre Raffnsøe. Medarbejderne 7 Co-authors.

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Brussels: Author. [Google Scholar] In G. Burcell, C. Gordon, & P. Miller (Eds.), The Foucault effect: Studies in governmentality (pp. 87–).