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Applicability Of Service Tax On Commission Payable To Non-Whole Time Directors Of A Company Under Section (4) Of The Companies.

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Is whole-time directors' salary subject to service tax? While it is If salary is paid to the whole-director, it is imperative that Form No. 16 (viz.

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whole-time or independent when being compensated for their performance as Managing. Director/Directors would not be liable to service tax. However, in case .

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The Finance Act, has introduced Service Tax which is applicable to anyone The Non-Whole Time Directors of the Company are presently not covered.

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The issue regarding leviability of service tax on remuneration paid to the commission/sitting fees payable to the Non-Whole Time Directors of.

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Is Remuneration Paid To Directors Chargeable To Service Tax?? 2) In case of any other directors i.e., non-whole time director or.

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Service Tax is payable under reverse charge by the companies who . to non – executive directors and the whole time directors / managing.

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Service tax is payable on services provided by directors to a company w.e.f. employee, a director need not work for whole day, even part time employees are .

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No service tax on commission paid by companies to MDs, Directors. Corporate of whether the director compensated was a whole-time or an independent one.

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No. Only non executive directors, independent directors and nominee directors are liable and Managing director(MD) and whole time director or directors in full.