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Shi'a Islam in Indonesia represents a small minority in that largely-Sunni Muslim country. Around one million Indonesians are Shias, who are concentrated around Jakarta. Indonesian Shia are found in areas of Java, Madura and Sumatra. Contents. 1 History; 2 Communities; 3 Persecution; 4 See also; 5 External links.

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But most of Indonesia's roughly one million Shia are concentrated in the Jakarta metro area, and the ICC is a nexus of their community.

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I went to a Shia community center to learn everything I could about one of Indonesia's most-persecuted Muslim minority sects. It's not easy being a Shia Muslim in Sunni-majority Indonesia. It's a hot-button issue here, but this Ramadan I realized something: I, a non-practicing.

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Among the Indonesian communities which practise Shiism are minority segments of the Hadrami, Arab-descended Breaking Fast With Jakarta's Shia Muslims.

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Shi'i communities spread from Sumatra to Papua and comprise at least one million followers, mostly concentrated in Jakarta, Bandung and.

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The embassy of I.R. of Iran in Jakarta also brought some Iranian thinkers, academia, On the matter of leadership in Islamic community, the Sunni> scholars.

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To protect the Shia community ABI allies itself with various non-governmental " In Jakarta, we established alliance with 47 NGOs. With the.