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The Short Tube is an item found in How to Survive, and can be used in several Recipes. It can be found as a drop from various zombies or in.

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Does anyone know if this has a spawn point? I need one for a monkey quest on the El Diablo DLC, I've searched all the islands and plowed.

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Eastern Secure Shed: Instructions. Middle Secure Shed: Motorbike Motor. Safehouse Brute: Short Tube. Safehouse Secure Shed: Red Stone.

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I keep getting 2 harpoon grips every time but no tube to combine them I've found a short tube near the wood pile next to the caravan every.

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You can find a short tube and a reel in various little sheds around the map. If you need a Red Stone you can find one on the first island (La.

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For How to Survive on the Xbox , a GameFAQs message board topic titled " Item Harpoon Grip + Manual Pump + short tube + tools.

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For How to Survive on the Xbox , Item/Recipe Locations by Kovacs Dumpsters: Ammo, Short Tube, Compressor (Spawned after all Kovac.