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Founded in , SALIDO continuously innovates hospitality technology so that operators can lower costs and increase profits. We are Shu Chowdhury,. founder NYU Grad, iOS and Web engineer, aspiring rock climber. See More.

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Apply now for Senior Full-Stack Engineer Job at SALIDO in New York City - Founded in , It is impossible to be at SALIDO and not feel the presence of Data. . Shu Chowdhury, NYU Grad, iOS and Web engineer, aspiring rock climber.

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View Shu Chowdhury's full profile. It's free! Your colleagues, classmates, and million other professionals are on LinkedIn. View Shu's Full Profile.

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While we have plenty of rock star women working here at SALIDO that we Due to a friendship between our founder Shu Chowdhury and the.

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Join us for a discussion with Shu Chowdhury, the Founder of SALIDO, a single platform for restaurant operations and to learn about the platform.

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founder @salidonyc #bowery everyday is monday - www.