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How to Make a Reusable, Inexpensive, and Efficient Gravity Bong. You don't * have* to buy the set and just go for individual sockets, but please note that each.

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this is my "How To" on Gravity bongs its pretty simple but VERY effective.

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In this guide I will explain how to make and use a gravity bong with supplies that almost every Socket wrench head (Look in a toolbox) [​IMG].

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Learn what a gravity bong is, how it works, and follow a quick and easy guide on bottle and use your box cutter or scissors to make a hole in the bottle cap.

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Watch this video to learn how to make a homemade gravity bong in four easy . jug of water, knife, storage tube, socket wrench piece, water, herb and a lighter.

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I love gravity bongs but I want to make it better. Right now I'm using a water bottle and a ratchet from a wrench. Is there anything I can do to.

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I highly recommend getting a wrench socket and putting it in the cap of a two-liter. This is probably the best way to make a gravity bong ever.

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There are actually two different types of gravity bongs: the bucket bong Set the bowl/cap combo aside and cut the bottom off the pop bottle.